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Pen and Lexicon. History of Education

The Teleki-Bolyai Library organises two temporary exhibitions each year. The current exhibition explores the topic of the history of education and pedagogy, starting with Ancient Greece and up until the Age of Enlightenment, presenting the characteristics of education and didactics.

The classical collection of the Library houses a significant number of volumes that are concerned with aspects of ancient Greek and Roman pedagogy, volumes that most of the times are illustrated with amazing engravings. During the preparations of the exhibition a rich source for the history of medieval education were the books of the different ecclesiastical collections that were brought to the Teleki Library after nationalisation. Sámuel Teleki’s interest in and commitment to Humanism and Enlightenment are reflected in the richness of literature regarding the 16th and 18th century history of education. Moreover, these are also the centuries during which modern pedagogy is born and developed.

The imagery of this exhibition is different from our usual representations, i.e. the visual aspect was not built upon the illustrations found in books, but some original caricatures and drawings have been made by Orsolya Láng, illustrations that call to life the portraits of authors and visualise the methods of teaching throughout the centuries.


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