Opening Hours


Tuesday-Friday: 10:00-17:30

Reading Room:

Tuesday-Friday: 10:00-17:30



  1. When entering the building please disinfect your shoes at the special mats available, disinfect your hands and wear your masks. The guard has the obligation to measure your temperature, this procedure is mandatory for our employees as well.

  2. Reading Room

    1. At the reading room there are only 2 seats available. If a third reader arrives it will be given the place of that reader that has already spent 2 hours in the reading room.

    2. We can serve only those readers/researchers who need to use our documents, for now the reading room cannot be used as a study room.

    3. Both the reader and the librarian have the obligation to wear protective masks.

    4. When entering the reading room the readers are going to disinfect their hands, states his purpose and then the librarian hands him a key to a locker.

    5. Service procedure:

      1. We would like to ask you that as far as it is possible announce your visit and request via e-mail (document needed, author, title, call number, estimated time of arrival). Warning: the librarians work in weekly shifts, so it is possible that there are going to be longer (days) waiting times for a certain document! Most of our catalogues can be found on our website: Traditional – on-site – catalogues are only accessible to the librarians, please ask for their help.

      2. Requests forms are going to be completed by the reader and when the book is handed to him, he shall write on the form “Received”.

      3. The documents that are no longer needed by a reader are going to be quarantined and shall be available again after 7 days. In case of documents that are going to be needed also on the next day, the reader is asked to put them in a plastic bag, to write his name and the date on the bag, then the librarian shall keep it separately for the next day (this rule is also applies to books on the shelves of the reading room/reference library).

    6. Using the reference library: please use only the books you really need and cannot be found online, as all books used by a reader are going to be quarantined. The books on the shelves of the reading room are handled by the librarian only!

    7. On departure the reader is going to lock the locker and hand the key to the librarian.

    8. After the reader has left the librarian is going to disinfect the chair and surfaces he used and touched.

    9. The reading room shall be ventilated for 10 minutes at every 2 hours.

  3. Visiting the Exhibitions

    1. For now we cannot receive groups!

    2. In an exhibition there can be maximum 2 visitors, families with children under 12 are permitted entry (up to 5 persons!). When persons are travelling together and one person did not pass the temperature test, the others are going to be asked to leave as well.

    3. In the courtyard there can be a maximum of 4 persons waiting for entry.

    4. Wearing face masks is mandatory!

All other library rules are still valid.

Thank you for your understanding! Hope to see you soon!


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